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Let me help you build something special.

Your branding is the cornerstone of your organisations’ growth and success. Client perception is built through your brand. So, why not build something special?

I have decades of proven success in strategy-driven business branding for enterprises just like yours. I transform businesses through insightful branding.

Whether you’re a tech start-up, a two-year-old small business or a hundred-year-old bank, I can help you build the foundations for your future business success.

How you look, sound, behave and position yourself has never been more critical. Insightful branding means you get every element of this spot-on. Only then will you have the right impact on your target market. 

Remember, great branding is not about what you like; it isn’t even about graphic design. It is about what will appeal to your ideal client. It’s about people sharing your ideas, your thinking and your vision.

It can be very persuasive.

Have a look at who I am and how I do things

Business branding for City law Firm


Hazlems Fenton

I undertook a review and development of their branding that led to a more contemporary logo that’s easily recognisable and memorable.

Logo design for Browne Jacobson Law Firm


Browne Jacobson LLP

For one of the largest full-service law firms in the Midlands, I devised a custom designed logotype, warm and striking visual style and down-to-earth tone of voice.



Previously known as the Mental After Care Association, Together hope to raise awareness and reduce the stigma often associated with mental health. 



Camar is a Danish software company concentrating on proactive haptic technology development, it has created a new add-on software haptic suite for touch screen devices and has a number of new haptic products in development.

Am I a good fit for you?

From entrepreneurs and start-ups to SMEs and corporates, I get under the skin of your business and learn what makes you tick. It’s this level of understanding that I apply to create your iconic brand.

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About me

There aren’t any cookie cutters here and your brand shouldn’t be the same as the next. I tailor my process to fit your needs.

I’ve been building brands for a while now. See who I am and how I do it

Some testimonials

business branding

First Class Supplier Award 

Brand communications, employee communications

The Post Office and The Royal Mail

law firm branding

“Gary took up an extremely challenging assignment at short notice against challenging timelines. Yet he has still managed to capture the essence of the firm and won many supporters in what has always been a traditionally change adverse industry.”

Tony Edwards – Managing Partner – Thomas Eggar


brand design

“Gary’s expertise, imagination and energy helped create a real sense of brand value within the company”

Lisa Edmonds – Marketing Director – Atradius

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When do you know if it’s time to change your logo? Should it be refined or wholly changed? Should it be evolutionary or revolutionary? So, how long should a business logo last? There are no hard and fast rules. The time to move premises or upgrade your technology should be self-evident. Improving your logo and […]