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Here’s a little bit about who we are, what we do and how we do it. Find out how we can help you.

A philosophy that works

We’ve been around a while, originating in Shoreditch, London, over thirty years ago. We have witnessed a lot of changes during this time and because of this we have never stopped learning, innovating and improving. Always striving to be ahead of the game.

Our tried and trusted philosophy has always been to innovate yet stay relevant. To create solutions that work – solutions that work for you and your marketplace, not solutions that work for us.

We want to work with people we like and respect. People who have a common goal. People who want to do things properly.

So why are we so different?

The key to our success is down to planning, vision and execution. These elements make up the cornerstone to everything we believe in. This belief is the result of our extensive experience and expertise. No matter what your brand or communication issues are, we can guide you through and develop your offer to help transform your business. Whatever your size or the task in hand, our method of approach will ensure that you not only meet but you surpass your objectives. In whatever we do, we work to our four guiding principles. These principles are:-

1. Passion

We have a passion for what we do. We love our work and strive to produce innovative and outstanding solutions every time.

2. Balance

We understand the need to have a balanced view. We consider all stakeholders’ interests. This enables us to produce well-considered, relevant and result-achieving work. We also seek a delicate balance between innovation and process. There is a method behind our thinking.

3. Understanding

We place immense importance on information. Through research and asking the right questions, we have a full understanding of all aspects of the task in hand. Our work is both intelligent and thoughtful. We understand what you need to do and we help you do it.

4. Relevance

We are wise enough through our extensive experience to know what is right. We do not design for design sake. We provide creative answers to your business needs. This work is always created with foresight, expertise and relevance.

That’s enough about us…  

So, what can we do for you?

Regardless of the size of your company or organisation, we can assist you at all levels of the branding process.

We work in the following areas:-


Start-ups and Entrepreneurs - c eye business branding. How can we help you?1. Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

We live in an extremely enterprising age.

More people are starting up their own thing now than at any other time in the past. Some people are well equipped with the necessary know-how, some are not. Quite often, the excitement and anticipation of this big step can cloud the crucial issue of positioning your business correctly from the onset. Bad branding and positioning can undo all your hard work and aspirations.

This is where we come in, right at the beginning. We can assist you in getting all your branding foundations right and help position you for growth.

How can we help Start-ups and Entrepreneurs?



Small and medium-sized businesses - c eye business branding. How can we help you?2. Small and medium-sized businesses

We understand that an expanding business needs help with their branding and positioning because we have a wealth of experience dealing with this crucial stage in business.

Growing your business will have many challenges, let us help you start this process by putting the right foundations in place. 

A business or organisation rarely gets it’s branding right first time and sticks with it. Your branding should evolve as your business does. We cover this in one of our articles –  How long should a business logo last?

How can we help small and medium-sized businesses?



Corporate businesses - c eye business branding. How can we help you?3. Corporate businesses

We are highly experienced in dealing with multi-nationals and global brands. Our main activity over the years has been servicing global corporates at all levels of the branding process. We understand corporate culture, identity and the need for consistency.

For more about our corporate experience, please take a look here.



How would we do it for you?

We believe in relationships. We like to meet, if possible. We also prefer to work with people, not for them.

All businesses are unique in their culture and the more we know, the more successful the outcomes. To us, information is the key. No two branding processes are the same, and you will have a very distinctive set of problems and issues to resolve. We believe the best way to do that is through insightful discussion. So, please, have a look through our site, we are more than happy to go through how we can help you based on your particular challenges.

Please get in touch for an informal chat.


For more about our thinking and general branding advice, please have a look at our articles.