I love working for people who help other people. Charities and non-profit organisations have a unique set of marketing challenges that are all heavily supported by their brand identity.


Charitable organisations have long realised the importance of professional and impactful branding. The sector is hugely competitive and continuously growing.

Charities and non-profit branding - Parkinson's uk - c eye

My first charity brand identity – Parkinson’s Disease Society.

Legacy donations, street and online donations, sponsorships and events are all dependent on awareness. Also, the confidence of knowing that your money is being used in the best possible way is paramount. Charities need to look professional and well organised.

Through my extensive involvement with charities of all sizes, I realise the importance of fundraising, research and respite care knowing that this is mostly reliant on public donations and legacies.

Good branding is the most powerful tool a Charity can have. I can provide this for Charities of all sizes.

Non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations and governing bodies are usually in a position of authority. This authority can be educational, legislative and qualifications based. Unlike charities, they are generally dependent on grants, memberships and subscriptions. Funding has to go a long way. 

Authoritative organisations have to project a reliable and trustworthy image, and their brand identity should always reflect this.

Charities and non-profit branding - The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, internal use of my branding.

Over the years, I have been involved in many non-profit organisation branding projects. I know that value for money is an essential aspect of this relationship. I have given this value without compromising the quality of my work or servicing.

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