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Who owns your Logo?

The obvious answer would be, of course, you do. However, unless you’ve designed your logo yourself, there is a good chance that you don’t own it. Why is this? Most clients or buyers of logos do not realise that the originator (designer) will, by law, retain overall copyright for the logo they have supplied. Unless […]

Branding for start-ups | Small business branding advice

How much should you pay for a logo?

Your business logo is one of the few things in business that is unquantifiable. It can be seen as an essential element to your business, a luxury or just a basic necessity. One thing is for sure, though, every business regardless of size needs one. It is also a business element that is not frequently […]

Branding advice

How long should a business logo last?

When do you know if it’s time to change your logo? Should it be refined or wholly changed? Should it be evolutionary or revolutionary? So, how long should a business logo last? There are no hard and fast rules. The time to move premises or upgrade your technology should be self-evident. Improving your logo and […]

Branding advice | Branding for start-ups | Small business branding advice

How do you brief a logo designer?

Logo design is one of the most challenging business assets to buy. Because it is rarely bought, there are many horror stories, wasted budgets and stressful experiences due to countless misunderstandings around buying a logo. This is more evident with small businesses and start-ups. Typically, there are two starting points:- You have a name and you […]

Branding for start-ups | Small business branding advice

How should you construct your logo?

What information should you include in your logo? Are there any legal requirements? How much is too much? We’ve explored how you should construct your logo.

Branding advice

Branding. What is it really?

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My story

Some say I have a story to tell…Part 1

They say that everyone has a book inside them. I’m not sure about that, but I do think everyone has a story, some more interesting than others. I hope to build a picture that will explain where my thinking is now and more so, why I think as I do. I’ve been told for years […]

My story

Some say I have a story to tell…Part 2

1978…onwards and sideways. I had been in the creative industry two years now. I was discovering the expectations of me stemmed from my original blagging in the pub during my gin and tonic interview. I also realised that I was very good with my hands although I often shook like an old Bakerloo line train […]