Branding for your small or medium-sized business is one of the most critical elements for your growth.  Your company has worked well to get to this stage, but how do you reach the next level?

“You can’t stand still in business”. A phrase heard many times from many people. And it’s true. But how do you keep that competitive edge? Companies constantly evolve so…it’s worth asking yourself a few basic questions:-

• Is your current branding or logo looking tired?

• Is your branding challenging to implement across all platforms and media?

• Does your branding still reflect your values, positioning and qualities as an organisation or business?

There is a good chance that your branding is failing in at least one of the above questions. In busy businesses, branding is quite often overlooked or seen as unimportant, and this is wrong but understandable as any change in a company takes time and money.

However, a branding review could well be the platform for growth for you to reach that next level. Your branding should be one of your most valuable business assets and is worth investing the time and money in, as should all things in forward-looking businesses be.

The typical pain points for small and medium-sized businesses looking for branding are often:-

“We want to create a strong, forward-thinking brand identity that helps our business stand out from the crowd.”

“We need to rebrand our business because our identity is tired and no longer communicates what we’re about.”

“We want to work with a design agency that we can talk to like normal people and communicate with easily.”

I can address all these issues and help you rejuvenate your branding by:-

• Rationalising and auditing your current brand identity and positioning

• Evolving or revolving your existing positioning and branding

• Creating the tools for you to control your branding across all platforms and media

• Talking like normal people

Once you have control of your visual brand, it becomes considerably more comfortable to promote and sell your product or services. You will no longer have to re-invent the wheel every time you run a promotion or create your marketing.

Branding for your small or medium sized business

An online or printed brand book helps to control all usage of your brand identity.


Is your business on a mission?

SME’s should have a mission statement and a set of values. These are cornerstones of your brand identity. It should be the first thing you do as a business. However, enterprises evolve in time, and quite often values and missions change. I can be the catalyst for this change. I can help get your new foundations and cornerstones in place for your future growth.

Please get in touch, if the following need to be reviewed in your business:-

• Positioning/values/missions

• Name creation

• Logo design

• Brand Identity and design style

• Social Media design


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