Whether you have just started or have been in business for a couple of years, I can help you.

New Start-ups and entrepreneurs need to establish the right foundations for their branding to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.

I can create this advantage by bringing our decades of high-end branding experience and expertise to small businesses. I have created successful, small start-up businesses myself, so I know what would be right for you and your marketplace, without the high-end price tag.

Logo design and branding are and should be, your most valuable business assets from day one. These assets position you in everyone’s mind. No matter how good your brand or service is, if it is not positioned and presented well, you could be fighting a lost cause from the onset. Your visual identity is your public face, the silent ambassador for your business.

If you are serious about your business or enterprise, then you must be serious about your visual identity. If the foundations are in place, your business will be perceived as you wish it to be.


So, how can I help you?

The crucial elements to consider when launching a start-up are:-

1. Naming. Quite often, this is the starting point in someone’s head. You have a business idea, and you’ve spent a bit of time coming up with some catchy names, initials or graphics.

This approach is also often the first mistake many make concerning their brand.

There have been some successful brand and company names conceived on the back of an envelope but it is quite a rare occurrence and basically pot luck. Naming is an important part of the brand process and should be undertaken with a method and a tangible process in mind.

What’s in a company name?


2. Positioning. You could argue that positioning should be considered before naming as the two are indelibly linked. However, the correct visual positioning of your organisation or product is vital to its success.

It is also part of the blueprint for your future – the foundations.

Get it right, and your brand will reflect your qualities and aspirations to the right audience at the right level.

With this in mind, we encourage organisations to picture themselves in 5 years and apply that thinking now.

Our method for positioning is to ask you many relevant questions, and some can be answered; some can’t. But all form the basis of positioning the brand for growth.

Taglines – how important are they?


3. Logo design. Singularly the most critical aspect of your brand. It says more about you than you think. It is often a decision-maker in potential client’s or customer’s minds.

Get it right and they will be interested.

Get it wrong and they will move along.

Not only does it say an awful lot about your brand, but it is also very often, the first point of contact for potential new business. Your positioning and values should drive your logo design as an organisation or individual.

How much should you pay for a logo?

Start-ups and entrepreneurs Logo design


4. Branding and identity. You have a name and a logo. What next? How do you use them and implement them properly? How do you control consistency for your brand identity, colour and logo usage? Your positioning is the basis for creating your brand identity. Are you traditional? Should you be quirky and on-trend? Is your brand corporate or consumer?

Your words, images, tone of voice and design style should all reflect your positioning and values to reach your ideal target market and customer avatars.

Get this right, and you will get emotional engagement.

Branding and Identity for new businesses


5. Website and social media design. You have everything in place, and now it’s time to publish. Most businesses and entrepreneurs use social and business media to promote their brand or services. Quite often, this is when your visual brand can fall apart. Different screen sizes, resolutions and pixel sizes all play a part in reproducing your brand either correctly or poorly.

Do you have an icon? Can you publish your logo or brand colours easily on social media? You might use online templates like Canva etc. but they are only as good as the elements you upload. Social media promotion is very cheap, and it’s worth taking the time and effort to get your brand elements right, so they publish as well as possible.

Get this right, and your brand identity will be optimised online.

 Website and social media design for new start up businesses


6. Advertising and brand promotion. With your brand up and running, you now concentrate on promoting your business. Your marketing can involve a whole host of activities from networking and social media posts to emails and door drops. All of which depend on your brand and message, reflecting the values and positioning of your offer.

Any visual implementation of your brand should have consistency and clarity for it to work. You should be recognisable in anything you present. Advertising and promotion is still part of your brand identity.

I can help you make sure you get this right. 

Start-ups and entrepreneurs Advertising and promotions



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